Data protection

Privacy and consent statement for the survey

The survey is conducted by members of the Culture Cluster of the Bosch Alumni Network.

The survey is anonymous. Registration is not required. No name, address, gender or other personal data is collected which would allow conclusions to be drawn about the participants. Name and email address will only be stored via the contact form, if they are entered there (voluntarily). In this case they will only be used to contact you in connection with the Round Table.

We do not store IP numbers. If IP numbers are stored, they may enable the subsequent allocation of data to the computer of an Internet user. For this reason, IP addresses are not stored in this survey, not even temporarily or partially.

For our online survey we use so-called “http cookies”, small text files which are stored on your computer via your browser. So-called “flash cookies” are not used for the survey. The use of cookies is necessary for the online survey software to work. Without cookies, it would not be possible to safely conduct an online survey that extends over several pages. By participating in this survey, you consent to the use of cookies.

  1. I agree that data may be collected in anonymous form and recorded on the servers of the International Theatre Institute hosting the website.
  2. The consent to the collection and processing of the data is irrevocable, as no participant related deletion can be carried out due to the anonymous form of the survey.
  3. I agree that the data entered by me will be deleted after completion or termination of the survey.

The data protection declaration also applies.

The survey ends on 25.09.2019.